Tervel OPTILINE LIGHT TACTICAL Shirt (OPT L1003) – Stop insect – Military / Black

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OPTILINE LIGHT TACTICAL Shirt (OPT L1003) – Stop insect of Tervel ®. TERVEL ® OPTILINE is a professional line of thermoactive sports underwear produced from PROLEN ® SILTEX yarn which combines state-of-the-art technology with a stylish design. The two-layer knitwear made with seamless technology guarantees the perfect micro-climate for your body. The inner layer, made from multifilament polypropylene yarn modified by silver ions, quickly absorbs moisture from the skin, keeping you comfortably fresh. Because the silver ions, which inhibit the growth of bacteria responsible for unpleasant odours, are applied to the yarn’s core, they cannot be washed out, so the garment permanently retains its antibacterial properties. The outer layer, made from stabilized polyamide micro-fibres, immediately transfers the absorbed moisture from the inner layer to the outside. The applied micro-fibres preserve the garment’s original look and shape even after it has been worn and washed many times.

TERVEL ® OPTILINE products are designed to be used all year long. Special zones of improved ventilation and moisture absorption guarantee maximum comfort even during extreme activity. Thanks to LYCRA® fibre, the product will always fit your body perfectly.

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